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HCG drops have now been banned for sale in the UK. Be wary of any online retailers offering HCG drops as they are likely to be fraudulent or fake.


LDD liquid diet drops are the only legal version which have been approved for sale in the UK, you can read more on LDD by clicking below.


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What are HCG Diet Drops?


HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a natural hormone which is produced in substantial quantities during early pregnancy, although can be found in both sexes in low levels.


The role of HCG is to metabolise stored fatty deposits and release the fat into the bloodstream, helping the development of a healthy foetus.  


However, clinical trials have shown that when HCG levels are increased in those who are not pregnant, fat is still metabolised.


Additionally, when HCG is combined with a low calorie diet, the metabolism is further increased, allowing the body to burn stubborn fat reserves for fuel.


The results of clinical tests carried out by Dr. Simeon’s during the 1950's found that it was possible to lose a staggering 1lb per day, while burning in excess of 3500 calories every 24 hours.


Are HCG drops safe?


HCG has been used for the last 50 years in private clinics across the world, typically via injections, and has enjoyed a fantastic safety record.


It is only recently that HCG has been available to buy as a homoeopathic drop which is applied underneath the tongue. A quality HCG supplement will offer excellent results, without the need for any painful injections.


What should I look for when buying HCG drops?


1. Ensure you choose HCG drops which include a HCG diet plan


The most important aspect of any successful HCG diet is to follow the recommended "HCG Protocol" created by Dr. Simeon. This will explain what types of food you can eat and when you can eat them.


The focus here is on high-protein and low-carb meals, while keeping fats to a minimum. Overall daily calorie intake is kept typically low at only 500-750 calories.


There are also 3 separate phases to the HCG diet plan, which include a loading, maintenance and stabilisation phase. Again it is very important to ensure you are receiving full dosage and diet plan instructions with any potential order.


The results of following the Hcg protocol can be quite dramatic and usually can be seen in a very short space of time. The picture above shows a time scale of around 3 months using Hcg Diet Drops.


2. Choose a HCG supplement which contains amino acids


When embarking on any low calorie diet it is imperative that you supplement your daily meals with amino acids to prevent any muscle wastage.


Many crash diets are often unhealthy as amino acids - the "building blocks" of protein and muscle, are often left out.


Low muscle mass can cause the metabolism to slow down, and can directly lead to weight gain once the diet is over. It is for this reason we recommend HCG drops which include typical amino acids such as Arginine or L-Carnitine.


3. Choose a reputable company


Due to the huge success of HCG diet products and the fact that they are typically only available online, there are reports of customers being mislead and even scammed.


Always make sure you buy from a reputable company which offers secure online ordering and full support if you need it.


4. Avoid Free trial offers
Beware of any website which offers "free trials" of HCG drops, as these are generally considered to be scams, normally set up to re-bill customers after trials have ended.


Cancellation of online free trials are usually purposely difficult, with credit card handlers often powerless to help customers due to binding contracts.

Stay clear of any company which offers free samples or trials of HCG!



* HCG is no longer available to buy in the UK, However a fully legal and prescription free alternative has now been released.



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