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HCG drops have now been banned for sale in the UK. Be wary of any online retailers offering HCG drops as they are likely to be fraudulent or fake.

LDD liquid diet drops are the only legal version which have been approved for sale in the UK, you can read the full LDD review here.


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What are HCG diet drops?


HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin - a natural substance produced in early pregnancy which acts to breakdown stubborn fatty deposits and release energy.


HCG has a remarkable effect on both men and women and not only forces the body to metabolise fat, but also significantly boosts the metabolism.


During the 1950's a British scientist Dr. Simeon formulated the HCG diet, which incorporated a low calorie diet plan and daily injections of pure HCG.


Dr. Simeon found that test subjects could lose an astonishing 1lb per day and burn the equivalent of 3500 calories while on the diet.


It is important to understand that HCG is not taken from pregnant women and is instead formulated in scientific laboratories.


Are HCG drops safe?


HCG is a natural hormone and is not known to cause any serious side effects. HCG has been used safely for over 50 years and has a fantastic safety record.


Are HCG drops suitable for men?


Yes. When used by men HCG has the added advantage of gently raising natural testosterone. This helps reduce any muscle wastage when following the low calorie diet, while also boosting the metabolism.


Do I need to follow a diet plan when using HC drops?


Yes. HCG diet drops are designed to be used alongside a very low calorie diet.

How do I use HCG diet drops?


HCG drops are used 3 times per day and placed under the tongue for 10-30 seconds. Dosage will depend on whether you are in the loading, maintenance or stabilisation phase.


Read our section on how to use HCG diet drops for full details.


Do I need to tell my doctor?


As with any low calorie diet it is important to speak to your doctor before starting. This is especially important if you are receiving any kind of medication.


Would I lose the same amount of weight by eating a low calorie diet without HCG drops?


While you may lose similar levels of "weight" when following a very low calorie diet, without the HCG hormone this will most likely be a mixture of muscle and water loss, and not fat.


HCG drops with added amino acids help retain muscle while breaking down fat for energy. They also prevent the body from entering a starvation mode which retains more fat and slows down the metabolic rate.


How much weight can I lose with HCG?


Unless you are already very close to your goal weight, most people find they lose around 7lbs per week. Those who have more weight to lose find they may experience even better results during the first few weeks of use.


Do I need to exercise while using HCG?


No. Unlike other diet plans, exercise is not needed or recommended. This is because calorie intake is already kept to a bare minimum, adding exercise will not help and may be dangerous.


Should I add vitamins to my diet plan?


The inclusion of good multi-vitamin is recommended, although avoid products which contain fish oils and other soluble fats.


Vitamin B12 supplements are also considered to be beneficial when following a HCG diet plan.


* HCG is no longer available to buy in the UK, However a fully legal and prescription free alternative has now been released.



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